Let’s Talk About Eggs, Baby


I don’t have the best one.

In my fridge, there’s a few spuds, half a red onion and a couple of sweet potatoes.

They’re joined by half a pint of milk, a bottle of coke and an emergency bottle of white wine.

Lastly, there’s a bit of cheese, a few sauces and a yoghurt that probably ought to have been eaten a couple of days ago.

The point of telling you that, is to illustrate that most of my food is in the freezer.

Time is my enemy when it comes to food.

When I choose to cook, I actually do a pretty good job. My mashed potato is to die for. Properly dense. There ain’t no one going to Marbs after having a bit of that.

I just get bored cooking.

And because I’m bored, I end up snacking, usually on biscuits. Which means that by the time dinner is ready I’m full up and don’t want to eat anything.

It’s a bit of a waste of time and money for me to fill my fridge with more than what’s in there at the moment.

Perhaps if the hot gay guy that’s going to be my PA could cook as well…?

Prompt: What’s in your fridge?


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