#BEDM14: This Post Is The Best Post This Post Can Be

In my blog post a few days ago about regrets I said:

The trite answer to the question ‘what’s your biggest regret?’ is to say that you have no regrets. That everything in your life, good and bad has made you who you are today.

The supposition there is that the person you are today is the best person you could possibly be.

I want to use this blog post to expand on that a bit, and explore the concept of perfection

Is there such a thing as being the best person you could possibly be? Can a person truly be perfect?

To answer that, we have to define what perfection is. A quick google tells me that perfect is ‘having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.’

That definition not only confirms to me that perfection is subjective, but also that it is extremely dependent on context.

Perfect isn’t just being the best at everything, it’s being the best at everything that it is possible to be best at.

If one human were able to fly, then he might be considered a better human. However, as all other humans are not able to fly, you can’t account for ‘ability to fly’ when measuring perfection.

The logic follows then that when you are comparing a set of objects, in this case humans, that you are not measuring them on everything they can do, but rather measuring them on everything that they can all do.

You need to find a set of criteria that are common enough across all subjects.


Do you both have skin? Lovely.

Two legs? Yup.

Blue eyes? Nope. Ok, can’t measure on that.

Hair? Yes, but different colours.

Got a mouth? Yeah.


I’m rather facetiously suggesting here that the only things that would be comparable enough would be A) so basic as to be completely irrelevant (he’s the most perfect because his mouth is symmetrical) and B) completely subjective

Perfect’s a stupid word. You can’t strive for perfection, because perfection implies you’re measuring one object against another, identical object.

Being the perfect person, perfect boyfriend, perfect wife, is impossible.

Being the perfect you sounds ridiculous. But you can be the best that you can be. Do the best that you can do.

But only you can measure that.

Perfection is subjective. Forget trying to appear perfect to others. Be perfect to yourself.

Prompt: Striving for perfection is inherently wrong


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