The Enemy of Innovation?

I’ve talked about routine before. Only once, though. I’ve not routinely talked about routine.

I actually quite like routine, it helps me order my life and means I can get more things done.

I get up at 8am. I go to work. At 12, I come home for lunch. I go back in just after 1, and then work until approximately 5. Then I go home until 10pm when I go to bed and read for an hour, before heading turning off the light at 11pm

(It’s important to know for the purposes of this routine that I live across the road from work)

That’s my basic weekday routine. Each day within that has it’s own separate routines.

What this routine means to me is that when I wake up before my alarm (often) or when I get home, I know exactly how much free time I have. That means, I can read, or decorate, or more importantly, write.

I don’t, however, have a writing routine, because I recognise that the important parts of life should be unstructured.

Some people don’t like routine, but I think that’s because they’ve got too much routine… OR they’ve got the wrong routine. These people find their lives dull, not because their lives are dull, but because they’re living it wrong.

And, of course, remember, that we are ever-changing people. No person stays the same, so it is important to (routinely) review your routines and make sure they still work for your life.

I don’t agree that routine is the enemy of innovation. I think that routine is the mother of efficiency. It allows you to make the most of that free time so you can create and innovate.

Or look at pictures of hot guys with their tops off. You know, whatever.

Prompt: Why is life so painfully monotonous and dull?


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