…To Those Who Wait

Nearly two months ago I posted THIS

Which, if you’re too lazy to read is a blog post about a publisher who offered to read Memories of a Murder.

She got back to me last week – and while she didn’t outright say she loved it – she did pay me some compliments about my writing style and gave me the names of six agents who might be able to help me.

The key thing was though, that she told me to use her name, the obvious inference here being that she doesn’t mind being associated with it – SO it can’t be all that bad.

I’ve sent it to all six of them (And told them all about my blog, so if they’re reading this, then hi!) earlier this week… so all I have to do now is wait.


(Also, even though, I’m not writing it today, it is being published today, and today is my birthday, SO Happy Birthday to me!)


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