Not So Obvious

I’ve been thinking a lot about my future recently.

Just under three weeks ago, I sent sample chapters of Memories of a Murder off to six different agents – agents specifically recommended to me by a publishing director who had read the full novel.

So far, two of them have come back with rejections. One of them a fairly stock rejection letter, ‘not for me’ ‘subjective view’, ‘do try other agents’, etc, etc.

The other letter was a little more personal, with the agent stating that they didn’t love it, but they also struggled to see how Harry would be involved in future murder mysteries which are constructed in the same way.

That’s a valid point – it took me several years to work out how the sequel works.

So, obviously rejection was to be expected having sent it to six different agents, but also, just as obviously, I was expecting all six of them to rush to me within a couple of days with promises of literary prizes, movie adaptations and a never-ending parade of gorgeous young men (queuing for a signed copy of my book).


So, what if the other four agents all say no as well… what do I do then?


2 thoughts on “Not So Obvious

  1. Keep at it. The world is full of writers who’ve had multiple rejections. I think even if all six say no – that’s nowhere near enough.

    Good luck!

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