Swindon Chooses… The Labour Party?

I’ve now had my fourth response to my questions to each of the candidates for Swindon (if you don’t know what I’m talking about – see my original post by clicking here)

The Labour candidate Mark Dempsey was sent the same questions as everyone else:

Question 1: Culture.

Swindon is in a prime location along the M4 corridor, with easy access to London, Reading, Bristol and Cardiff, and is surrounded by some beautiful countryside. This is often the only response I can give to associates who ask me about the benefits of living in Swindon – that it’s close to lots of nice places! What can you do to make Swindon itself a nicer place to visit, and what will you do to change the image of the town?


Question 2: Transport

The Swindon to London rail route is famous for being one of the most expensive £per mile rail journeys in the country – considering that this country is known to have one of the most expensive rail networks in Europe, that’s a pretty impressive penny. What will you do to ensure a fairer price for your constituents who work in – or wish to visit – the capital?


Question 3: Business

There are quite a lot of corporations with their headquarters in Swindon: Nationwide, Intel and WH Smith to name just three. Considering that Swindon has a much cheaper way of life, but is less than an hour from the capital. What can you do to encourage companies who are looking to cut down their operational costs to relocate from London to Swindon – in the process, opening up a much more attractive job market in the town for it’s residents?


Bonus Question

What other priorities do you have for Swindon that you haven’t already mentioned? In short, why should the people of Swindon vote for you? 

His response is as below:

As a local resident I believe that Swindon is a town with huge potential. However I can also see we need real change to rebuild our town. 
Many people tell me that they feel that the Tories haven’t delivered the change our town needs.  That’s why I have launched our Positive Plan for a Better Swindon.  Our plan includes:
>> Action to restore Swindon as an economic powerhouse and kick start the regeneration of our town centre.
>> A long term plan for a University for Swindon and for a new school for North Swindon.
>> A roadmap for a transport system fit for the 21st century including a new Northern Link Road.
These are big challenges but I believe we should do the difficult things that will transform our town.
If I am elected as the MP I will dedicate myself to rebuilding Swindon’s economy and have set out a plan to attract new green tech and high tech companies to our town.  Labour will expand high quality apprenticeships and guarantee a starter job to every 18 to 24 year old unemployed for a year.  I am leading the campaign for a University for Swindon, which is vital to unlock the talents of local people and attract new businesses to our town. This action will help get people back into work and restore our position as an economic powerhouse.
We need action to kick start the regeneration of our town centre. People are hugely frustrated by the Tories’ town centre failure.  I am determined to deliver real change and I have set out an ambitious vision for our town centre based on the successful examples of Bristol and Bath – and with our railway heritage at its heart. And Labour’s promise to cut business rates will help the high street and breathe new life into Swindon.
I want fair fares for Swindon.  Commuters in Swindon pay the highest ticket prices in Europe and under the Tories prices have increased by a staggering 20%.  Labour will introduce a strict cap on fare increases and reform the railways to secure value for money for passengers and taxpayers.
I live locally and I love our town.  However Swindon can and must be better.  I am determined to build a better future for our town.  The General Election is the chance for us to work together to deliver the change we need.
I’m close to making a decision and will post a deconstruction of each of the responses as soon as I receive the final reply from the UKIP candidate. I haven’t heard from him, yet, but in his defence, he had a different email address on his leaflet to the one I sent the questions to, so he’s had a week less than everyone else.
I’ll give him until next week to reply.
You can see what the other candidates had to say below:

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