#BEDM14: Bonus Time

When I first looked at the list of #BEDM14 topics, I had thought that this particular post was going to be an easy one to write – albeit perhaps not an altogether interesting one.

And then I realised that today is a Bank Holiday, which changed my plans somewhat.

The prompt was simply: 5pm today. I had considered talking about my journey home from work, or maybe that feeling one gets at home time, an excitement left over from being stuck in school all those years.

But a Bank Holiday? That changes things.

Now that we’ve grown up (some of us more so than others) the joyous, lengthy six weeks of holiday that we experienced in school is not something that we’ll see again very often. Until retirement that is.

But a Bank Holiday is one of those rare things that distills that childlike joy of six weeks summer holiday into just a single day.

5pm today, will mark the end of that ‘bonus time’, that extra day off. It marks that change between a special day, to the normal evening before work on a Tuesday.

I don’t want to get to 5pm and think I’ve wasted day, however, having said that, I’ve not made any specific plans.

I wrote about this in a previous blog. Taking advantage of any and all time you get to write.

But I’m cheating a little bit with my blog posts. It’s actually 11pm on Saturday just gone when I’m writing this, and I find myself in a bit of an odd place with my writing.

I’ve spent the last two months editing my manuscript. I finished going through it with a red pen on Thursday night, and am now transferring those updates onto my electronic version. I will likely finish that tomorrow (tomorrow for me as I write this, yesterday for you as you read it). So I’m not exactly sure what writing I’ll be doing on Monday.

By the time I get to 5pm, I may have started to write my next book. I may have cheated and gotten ahead on a few more blog posts. Or I could have started that horrendous process of trying to get an agent.

Wherever you are at 5pm, at the end of the bonus time of your bank holiday, make sure you’ve used that time wisely. And if you haven’t used it wisely, make sure you at least enjoy it.

Prompt: 5pm Today.

Every Day I’m Bloggering

White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit


Happy May everyone.

I’ve been looking forward to May for quite some time for several reasons:

1) The weather – There’s an argument that April 25th is the best date because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket. I would argue, however that May is a whole month of April 25th’s

2) Bank holidays – not one, but two.

3) Ian Somerhalder – I get to turn the next page in my calendar. Ok, so that happens every month, and is really just an excuse for me to post a picture of a hot guy on my blog:


4) BEDM – Blog Every Day in May. This is a thing, apparently. First introduced to me by Nic Parkes (find out more about him here: http://hellonic.co.uk or indeed here: https://twitter.com/picnarkes) who took part last year.

Believe it or not, the idea is to Blog. Every day. In May.

It’s not Nic’s idea, he freely admits that, but he’s come up with the list of topics which I’ll be following – or at least attempting to follow.

Oh, yes, that’s right, you poor sods. I’m gonna be blogging every day for a month.

You might be wondering why I’m doing it. The truth is, when Nic did it last year, I thought it was a great challenge for a writer to set his or her self. I thought:


One day, I’ll do that as well.


So it’s May. I have a blog. It’s like the stars have aligned.

Plus, I perform well with deadlines and thought it would be yet another tool to help me flex my writing muscle.

It might be quite difficult, it might take quite a lot of time, I might run out of things to say by the 6th, but by the end of May, I’ll be able to say I’ve done it. Tick it off my bucket list as it were.

Not that I believe in bucket lists. If you want to do something, then just go ahead and do it.


Want to go to Australia? Go.

Want to write a book? Do.

Want to go out with a bloke? Ask.


Want to write every day in May? Write.

I won’t reveal the topics ahead of time (although it wouldn’t take a genius to find them) – and I won’t necessarily stick to the topics, I may just be inspired or prompted by them – but I will post them at the end of each daily blog. Sometimes the connection between the blog and the prompt will be obvious, other times it’ll be a mystery to all but me.

Thanks for getting this far, I’ll hopefully see you tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that. And – you get the idea…

Prompt: What would be on your bucket list?