#BEDM14: 5 and a Half Reasons to Get Out of Bed

1) Really, really, really needing the toilet.

2) Wanting to get into the shower before the todger (#ReplaceLodgerWithTodger) gets there.

3) When the inconsiderate postman rings the doorbell at stupid o’clock in the morning (sometimes as early as 11am!), because he’s got a parcel for me. I mean, yeah, it’s my parcel. And yeah, I want it. And yeah, I don’t really want to have to drive over to the sorting office to pick it up. But, still… I’ve offered him a key so he can just let himself in, but he asked me never to talk to him again.

4) The very rare occasion when I wake up after a heavy night of drinking and finding a strange man in my bed.

4a) The even rarer occasion when I wake up after a heavy night of drinking and find myself in a strange man’s bed.

5) The even, even rarer occasion when upon waking naturally without my alarm having woken me up, and I feel completely and utterly well rested. I think about everything that I have to do that day and I’m excited by it and I’m not worried about anything at all. Life is good, the weather is gorgeous and no one’s going to spoil this mood

Until they insert random blank columns on a spreadsheet! GRR.

Prompt: 5 reasons you get out of bed

#BEDM14: Hot Gay Guy Required

Life admin – Hate it.

I deal with paperwork all day at work, why should I have to do it at home?

I’ve recently needed to get my passport renewed – imagine my joy last weekend when I discovered I could do it online.

Except… there were forms to print out, and I had to have photos taken. I’ve managed that, but now have to find an envelope and a stamp to put it all in. And then a postbox.

It’s all just such a faff.

The government are the worst offenders for it, but other places do it as well. A few months ago, I wanted to reactivate my premium bonds savings account.

I wanted to be able to do it online, but I didn’t have my account number. Despite effectively having closed my account three years ago, I needed the number. I couldn’t create a new one.

They wouldn’t email it to me, despite having my email on record linked with my account. I couldn’t even request online that they post it to me. Instead, I have to download, print off, fill in a form to send to them, just so that they can send me the number so that I can even register online.

The form is still sat in a pile of about three hundred other bits of paper, all of which make up some form or another of life admin that I’ve just not got round to doing.

A few days ago, I spoke about how the Internet blew my mind. I think the thing that blows my mind most about it, is that people refuse to use it to its full potential.

The government have no vested interest in keeping Royal Mail alive now that they’ve sold it off… can we now start using the Internet to its fullest potential. It would save me so much time, and might mean I actually get some of that dreaded paperwork done.

In the meantime, if anyone has an overwhelming desire to become a PA for me, please let me know in the box below. I’m an equal opportunities employer, so I won’t just pick a hot, young, gay, single guy. If you’re a woman who knows a hot, young, gay single guy you’ll also be considered for the position.

Prompt: Which 3 things have you been meaning to do for ages